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Feeling the Changes

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Hey there! Happy Thursday and Happy New Moon in Leo, friends! I did not plan for this to be my first blog post; I actually planned out and am working on a whole introduction and update post for you all. But I decided that I can still do that post, it does not have to be the first, and I don’t have to hold back on my inspiration to write this post another time. So here it is…

Today is special for me, but not because of anything you’d normally think of like a holiday or anniversary of something. Although it may be a little to do with the moon… It is because today, I actually woke up and felt different than I have in a long time. Not physically necessarily, but I feel different spiritually and mentally. I actually feel lighter, happier, more grateful, humble, a true sense of clarity, confidence, and somehow have faith that everything I have been through, all of the efforts I am making now, and the goals I am working to make happen are actually going to happen. No longer do I feel heavy, insecure, shameful, embarrassed, defeated, and down as I have been for so long… 3 years to be exact.

I woke up today and thought to myself, “wow, so this is what this feels like, this stuff is actually working?!” By stuff I mean my new habits, new mantras, rituals, goals, manifestations, beliefs, and new mindset. I am not implying that I haven’t ever manifested anything or reached a goal before, I totally have! But I had forgotten what alignment and manifesting felt like. Today is different…

I have been working hard on a daily basis to form better habits, a better mentality, daily rituals, mindset changes, utilizing suggestive visualization, audiobooks, regular books, meditations, and whatever else I could think of to help myself align better and flow with life happily. It feels great to actually start noticing changes in yourself and to notice that the universe is always there to help you. It will give in your favor as long as you do your part.

The reality is that everything has a lesson intertwined into it, whether it be a good or bad one, there is always a lesson to learn. Watch for the signs, patterns, opportunities, coincidences, and intuitive thoughts or feelings. They are all part of the universe guiding you into where you’re meant to go and into what you’re meant to do. Your dreams and desires can become your reality as long as you focus on it, desire it, and take the necessary ACTIONS to make it happen.

These last 2-3 years of my life have been hard, heartbreaking, eye opening, defeating, accomplishing, and humbling all at once. I have learned so much through it all. I had to really pull myself out of that darkness, look from the outside in, work on my shadow side, get through my negative feelings and thoughts, and most importantly, release the victim mentality I’d realized I’d fallen back into. There had been a time I had refused to be a victim. A time when I had cured myself of that toxic, draining mentality. That was until the end of Summer 2019. Sadly, that was the last time I felt good and felt myself up until recently. So, for almost 3 years I’d been mentally drained, emotionally suffering, feeling embarrassed, angry, depressed, defeated, uninspired, broke, and hopeless more often than not. It is sad to think about, but necessary.

Well, those feelings are no more! They have infested my thoughts and life for too long already! It is time, again, to unlearn and reprogram my thoughts and actions. I can’t say I will never feel any of those bad feelings ever again, but I am no longer allowing them to brew, fester, or latch on anymore. They will flow right through me and just keep on going, far away.

This has been a long bumpy road full of potholes, falling rocks, flat tires, sharp turns, bad weather, and no gas station in sight at times. Constantly in survival mode and forgetting that life isn’t supposed to be stay in survival mode. We all deserve better and to live the happy life we desire so badly. Why do we refuse it or fear ourselves out of a positive but scary step in the right direction? Why do we allow the bad to manifest into worse simply because we don’t know what it feels like to live any other way? Don’t let your fears and unhappiness rule your life just because you’re scared of change. Fear is what stops any progress. All change is scary, but it is necessary to elevate. Be open and receptive, not closed off and scared. We have to be open to changes and open to receive good things. Believe in it, or else it will never show up.

I have finally reached the exit that leads me to my desired destination and all I can say is that I am happy to be here, I am grateful to be here, and I once again am loving myself and know that it’s only up from here. Today I can confirm that and smile as I write it. Up isn’t always easy but once you see the top, you’ll work harder to get there. Then, when you’re at the top, once you get to see that view you’ve always dreamed of seeing, it feels great to be there. It makes all the troubles worth it, and some even forgotten. Today, I actually see and feel that my desires and habits are aligning and the life I see for myself is closer and closer each day.

I still have a lot of work to do and bad habits to replace with better ones. I still fight the negative self-talk and sabotaging thoughts at times. But I know that once you can overcome fear, doubt, overthinking, and inconsistency, your life will start to align, and you will become who you need to be and have what you desire to have!

Thats all for now, but before I go, I encourage you to ponder on and ask yourself,

“What is one thing I can do or change today that will initiate the necessary changes I need in my life?”

One change can lead to a whole slew of changes. So, what can you add or take from your daily actions to make your life move in the direction you want it to? Could it be going for a walk each day? Cutting down on TV time? Journaling? Extra time dedicated to your art or creative passion? Daily gratitude? Incorporating inspiring or motivating content into your morning/evening commute or personal downtime? Maybe beginning to eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, etc? You could start by replacing it with a healthier option or task that is just as rewarding and will get your mind off the craving. Or you could stack the good and bad habit so that even though you still smoke the cigarette or open Netflix, you will follow up with the habit you want to replace it with eventually. I learned this technique in a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear (highly recommend!). That way at least the good habit is being incorporated into your routine even if it’s following the one you want to remove but can’t seem to shake just yet.

This life if yours to create, you have the power to create your own reality and you have to find the power in yourself to get through the difficult changes and reach the path you desire! Remember thoughts of lacking will always have you lacking. Thoughts of abundance and gratitude will always initiate the necessary growth into your better life. It can be done, and you are capable! Just do it!

With love,

The Creative WITCH

Wisdom. Inspiration. Teaching. Crafting. Healing.

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